Do you test your products on animals?

No, we do not test any of our products on animals, either in our manufacturing plant or in our external laboratories.


Do Arctic Power detergents have an expiration date?

Arctic Power detergents do not have an expiration date. However, it should be noted that, over a long period of time, they could lose some of their initial qualities. For long-lasting cleaning power, always keep them in a dry place at a moderate temperature.


Are these products dangerous for septic tanks?

If you use the product as recommended, there is no danger. Usually, products are used and mixed with water before going in your septic tank. Thus, the product is considerably diluted and represents a very low concentration that is safe for the bacteria.


How do detergents for HE washers and all washers differ from detergents for standard washers?

In HE washers, the water level is lower during the wash and rinse cycles, so detergents must dissolve quickly and produce less suds. Detergents for HE washers and all washers must therefore always be used. However, these detergents can also safely be used in standard washers.


Are Arctic Power bottles recyclable?

Yes, all Arctic Power packaging is recyclable.